Tuesday 24 July 2012

Awake at Last

Hello dearest Earthlings, I am terribly sorry for my unexplainable long absence. Except for the fact that it is explainable. Every year the Zofbergian leaders pick a random time of the year to conduct the Dazzevel Festival - a festival of sleeping. This festival can last for as long as one day to as long as a year and it is not optional. This time it went on for quite a while but luckily for you, your Zyogbv is back!



  1. I like this RP blog! Haven't seen these since Obama got elected.
    Well, I'd welcome you back, but I'm new here :P

  2. As someone who has frequent dealings with beings from outer space, I can totally understand and sympathize with your prolonged absence. One must not miss a festival as important as the Dazzevel! :D

  3. That's a long slumber! There's alot of blogging you need to catch up on ;)