Friday 13 April 2012

L is for...

Larfacar Races!

Back on Zofberg we have lots of special events that happen every six months. One of them is the Larfacar races which take place in The Great Valley of the Larfs. The Larfacar races first came about in what you humans would call 876 B.C. and was founded by a great mind of our planet, Larfneig Lopythelg.

The Larfacar races involved racing a Larfacar (which looks like a human bubble with orbs on the bottom and a joystick to steer) around the Great Pits, trying to avoid being hit by the Davshand Birds which I have mentioned before. Not only do they make a horrible mess with their droppings their saliva is extremely acidic!

All together they are a brilliant family day out and I think they should also take place here on Earth!