Friday, 31 August 2012

The Autumn is Nearing

Good day to you all my little Earthling-ma-bobs. It is the last day of the cycle you call 'Summer' and I have found another of those pesky bubbles inside my ship's engine. I found it curled up having a sneeze snoz snooze. It looked so innocent but I had to eliminate it straight away. By eliminate I don't mean what you call eliminating, I mean extracting the nostril juices through it's tongue. It is not a pleasant experience, I ended up with most of the nostril juice on me! I have also decided what I'm dressing up as for Halloween this year so that no old lady mistakes me for a small chidder. I shall be dressing up as the terrifying, the radioactively glowing, the spindly....Amy Childs. Gasp in horror you will. I shall look even more terrifying than those Ihmtings and I'm sure the costume will look brilliant with my new ear! I can't wait for Autumn!



  1. Who's Amy Childs again? LOL I'm off to Wikipedia!

  2. Last Day of Summer Is it???
    Its Still too hot here in Pak

    Do post more and do visit my blog too....