Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Brief History of Time

Hello my little Earthling buddies! I hope you are all well!!

Anyway, down to more important things. I have been looking into these things you call books. I think my cousins were using them in that vidjo video thing I showed you. I saw it and was intrigued! I found out that they are made from a nice thin, smooth fluttery material that smells quite odd. Like a Micracre plant. A Micracre plant is a tall, pinkish plant that towers above the Zofbergians' heads. It attracts Davshand birds to it using it's delightful smell. Unfortunately the birds leave an awful mess which we clean up once every year. We call that day the Hurfuligray day after the Zofbergian who was killed after stumbling into the intoxicating mess.

Anyway back to the books. I found one stuffed inside a bin. I picked it up and looked at the title. It was called something like A Brief History of Time by a Manhumanbob called Steven Hawking. I read it. It bored me to tears. Believe me Zofbergian tears are worse than Earthling tears; they don't just leak out of our eyes, they come out of other places too, for instance our armpits and our nasal passages!

So I took a leaf out of my cousins' book (no pun intended) and ate it. I must admit it tasted delicious! I do not advise you humans eat them though, they may not go down very well with your stomach, like my cousins; unfortunately for them their mouths are too small to take on the delicacy known as a book! If you have any unwanted books please, let me know as they are very far as I can tell!!



  1. you have got such a nice blog :)

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  2. lolol! Too cute! I have adult children and never saw this one when they were small--or now that my granddaughter watches it either. :-)

    "Words...words...yepyepyepyepyepyep...uh huh." Too funny...

    1. Haha! I want to dress up as one for Halloween! The're so cute! x