Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hello my little Earthlings! I am relaxing in a very top secret place, eating books and listening to a very delightful thing. It is called Moosic  'music'. I have recently been listening to Isao Tomito's 'The Planets'. I will provide you with a sample!

It, however does not remind me of my planet. My planet sounds more like this:-

That is the sound of the Larfacar races. The engines noises all sound different and they make that noise together! I am starting to feel a little homesick now. I think I may need to start repairing my spaceship.



  1. I love this! Such creativity! :-) I enjoyed this immensely...the perfect thing to start my blog visits off with :-) !

  2. Love Wagner, such power in his music.

    What does an alien blog about? Tell us more about your home planet and why did your spaceship crash? You have piqued my interest, so now following. Visiting via the A-Z list.

    DG Hudson - Rainforest Writing