Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Ear!!

Hello there Earthlings! I'm afraid I have been too busy discovering fascinating things about you humanbobs that I forgot to keep you updated!

So far I have learnt that every year on October the 31st you enjoy frightening people out of their wits! I unfortunately was a victim of that. I was making my way along a human inhabited street when out of nowhere a small Ihmting, or as you call them, a vampire jumped out at me screaming "Trick or treat?!" I was shocked as on my planet that is a great insult which I have had screamed at me many times. Later that evening I was complimented by a little old lady on my brilliant costume who then tried to remove my face to see who I really was!! How insulting!

I also learnt that every year in the cold months you celebrate Christmas, where you exchange presents. On my planet we exchange curtains, they make beautiful togas which we then wear on New Ears Eve. New Ears Eve is when everyone on our planet comes to the Great Palace of Pofee and the most skilled inhabitants gain a new ear as a celebration of their wisdom and courage. This year I was lucky enough to get a new one. It rests upon my big toe which is extremely useful for hearing the worms; a new hobby of mine.

Happy New Ear to you all!



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  1. haha terminator :P you should visit earth more often..i hope ill see you one day i guess